Specializing in Diesel Truck & Trailer Washing
​Next Door to TW Performance Truck & Trailer Repair

1049 Montague Ct, Milpitas, CA 95035
Conveniently located in Silicon Valley,  Montague Expressway & Highway 680

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EFS National Bank
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408 946-3000

TW Performance Truck repair

We offer a wide range of truck and trailer washing services services. Please call our office to schedule an appointment, and we'll address your truck washing needs quickly and professionally.

NEW! California Truck Wash is NOW OPEN in Milpitas! Located right next to TW Performance Truck & Trailer Repair. Call 408 946-3000.

When Your Time is Money and Your Image is Everything.

California Truck Wash provides fast, friendly and reliable service. California Truck Wash specializes in the best hand-washed truck wash in Silicon Valley and NorCal! As part of TW Performance, we pride ourselves on our expert service and first-hand truck knowledge. Bring your truck in for a wash, an oil change, or that service you need!

California Truck Wash is part of TW Performance Truck & Trailer Repair- in fact we are right next door!  So now you can schedule an oil change and a truck wash in one, convenient location!

Monday through Friday: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

We accept major credit and debit cards


​​​Our Team

  • Truck & Trailer Wash    $105
  • Truck & Tanker             $130
  • Tractor Only                  $75
  • Box Truck 10'-17'          $50
  • Box Truck 18'-26'          $60
  • Trailer Wash Out           $45
  • Motorhome / Bus          $85
  • ​Acid Alum                     $10
  • ​Steam Cleaning    $125 HR

Our team of highly qualified truck washing experts work hard to insure a sparkling clean truck and happy customers! Get back on the road quickly, with a clean truck you can be proud of.