California Truck Wash is located next to TW Performance Truck & Trailer Repair @ the back of Fleming Business Park Call 408-946-3000

California Truck Wash provides fast, friendly and reliable truck wash services. 
Trucks are hand washed by our staff inside a truck bay. As part of TW Performance, we pride ourselves on our expert service and first-hand truck knowledge. Bring your truck in for a wash, an oil change, or that service you need - we are here to HELP!

Our team of highly qualified truck washing experts work hard to insure a sparkling clean truck and happy customers! Get back on the road quickly, with a clean truck you can be proud of. 


We offer a wide range of truck and trailer washing services. 


Hours: Monday thru Friday: 8am - 3pm*
*last wash no later than 2:30pm

  • Truck & Trailer Wash           $110
  • Truck & Tanker                    $130
  • Tractor Only                        $80
  • Box Truck 10'-17'                $55
  • Box Truck 18'-26'                $65
  • Wash Out (no chemical)     $50
  • Motorhome / Bus                $90

We accept the following check systems:​

EFS National Bank
T-Check Systems
​Fleet One

We accept major credit and debit cards

TW Performance Truck repair

​​​Our Team

California Truck Wash is part of TW Performance Truck & Trailer Repair- in fact we are right next door!  So now you can schedule an oil change and a truck wash in one, convenient location!

Specializing in Diesel Truck & Trailer Washing
​Next Door to TW Performance Truck & Trailer Repair

1049 Montague Ct, Milpitas, CA 95035
Conveniently located in Silicon Valley @ Montague Expressway & Highway 680


408 946-3000