Specializing in Diesel Truck & Trailer Washing
​Next Door to TW Performance Truck & Trailer Repair

1049 Montague Ct, Milpitas, CA 95035
Conveniently located in Silicon Valley @ Montague Expressway & Highway 680

TW Performance Truck repair

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TW Performance Truck & Trailer Repair

​TW Performance is a full service repair and maintenance facility for medium to large duty trucks, trailers and Fleet vehicles. Since 2004, TW Performance has provided Silicon Valley with services that include: Commercial Truck Service, complete Trailer Repair, Computer Diagnostics, Liftgate Repair, Rear Roll Up & Swing Door Repair, Welding and Fabrication, DOT/BIT Inspections and many other services.

Located right next door to California Truck Wash.

Hours: Monday thru Friday: 8am - 3pm*
*last wash no later than 2:30pm


408 946-3000

We accept the following check systems:​

EFS National Bank
T-Check Systems
​Fleet One